You Don't Fight Alone Kits

A You Don’t Fight Alone kit is a toolkit that can be pulled out in times of distress, with items that can be used for distraction, mindfulness, and self-care.

Kit Contains:

Coloring Book – A mindful meditation tool. Check out the pages

Color Pencils – To be used for the mindful practice of coloring

Chap Stick – An item for scent and visual grounding

Smooth Rock – A hard stone that allows you to focus anxious energy

Plushie Toy – A small toy that has different sensations to be used for grounding

Deck of cards – Play games by yourself or invite a friend over for cards 

Candle – An item for scent and visual grounding

These are items that our team believes will help you find balance during those rough times. Click the button below and we will ship you of these kits anywhere in the US.